LAPTOP ASUS TUF FX516PC-HN558T INTEL COR I5 11300H -8GB Ram 512SSD 15.6FHD 144HZ RTX 3050 4G WIN 10


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LAPTOP ASUS TUF FX516PC-HN558T INTEL COR I5 11300H /8GB Ram 512SSD 15.6FHD 144HZ RTX 3050 4G WIN 10

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Asus TUF Gaming F15


Asus, TUF Gaming F15, FX516PC-HN558T, Intel Core I5-11300H, 512GB SSD, 8GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce RTX3050 4GB, 15.6″ Inch FHD, Win.10,

Staying power:

TUF Gaming F15 is a fully-fledged Windows 10 Pro gaming laptop designed for serious gaming and real reliability and can lead you to victory. Powered by the new 10th Gen Intel® Core ™ i5 processor and GeForce® RTX 3050 graphics processor, the fast-paced game is fast and fluid, and the IPS screens fill up to 144 Hz. Although it is smaller and more portable than its predecessors, this gaming laptop has an extended 90Wh battery life. Efficient self-cleaning cooling combined with TUF military-level reliability makes this battle-tested road fighter a true partner for any player.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T egypt laptop

Firepower for any task:

Equipped with the TUF Gaming F15 up to the 10th Gen Intel® Core ™ i5 processor with 6 cores and 12 cores, it features heavy-duty gaming, live streaming, and heavy-duty performance. Combined with the unique GeForce® RTX 3050 GPU, it can reliably deliver high frame rates in a variety of games. Accelerate installation time for large portfolio of up to 512 GB NVMe PCIe® SSD and secondary SSD.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T performance egypt laptop

Live long and travel far:

Although the F15 is smaller and lighter than its predecessors, it has a longer battery life. The powerful 90 Wh battery provides enough power for 12.5 hours of video playback, which means you have more time to stream and light without having to find a port near you. Easier and more durable, this machine can operate and move as freely as you can.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T portability egypt laptop

Stealthy and striking:

Two beautiful looks give players more freedom to show off their personal style. Choose a smart and elegant fortress gray case or an attractive bonfire black design with red. The subtle honeycomb finish enhances the grip around the base and repeats the hexagonal strengths around the body, giving the palms of the hands a smooth and clean look.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T design egypt laptop

Honey comp grip:

The textured honeycomb cover covers the lower part of the case with a series of cutters that double as air vents.

Brushed metal:

The contrast brushes on the chassis give the notebook a beautiful and future look.

TUF Durability:

Military-level reliability makes every TUF gaming laptop a true fighter ready for the most difficult environments.

Subtle and striking:

Walk secretly in the gorgeous fortress gray or boldly in the Bonfire Fire Strip Burgundy Red.

asus FX516PC HN558T design egypt

Military-Grade toughness:

To get the TUF game name, these laptops must pass the MIL-STD-810H series of tests successfully. Test equipment is subject to droplets, vibration, humidity and high temperatures. Safe, even in the most difficult environments, the F15 is occasionally more than capable of withstanding everyday life and swelling.

Reduced fall damage:

Drop testing ensures that each TUF Gaming laptop can withstand unexpected droplets, bumps and bumps during charging and daily use. Devices to meet MIL-STD-810H standards are tested for short-term drop. Put the F15 in your bag, carry it on your shoulders, carry it everywhere, avoid stress and anxiety.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T reduced fall damage egypt laptop

Travel easy:

Every time you take your device on an airplane, train or car, it experiences different levels of vibration, which can loosen or damage internal organs. Extensive vibration testing ensures that each TUF game laptop can withstand the rigors of a trip without changing or losing functionality.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T travel easy egypt laptop

Cool under fire:

Whether you are walking in the desert or bathing in the sun on the beach, a burning temperature test ensures that you always carry your TUF gaming laptop in your hand. These devices can operate at temperatures up to 49 degrees Celsius for several days, and they certainly retain heat.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T cool under fire egypt laptop

Serious chill:

TUF gaming laptops continue to operate at low temperatures up to -32 ° C. This incredible flexibility means you can take them to some of the toughest colds on the planet and maintain efficiency during your travels.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T serious chill egypt laptop

Humidity? no, sweat:

The TUF Game Laptop Chassis is designed to withstand up to 95% humidity for a long time, and on the other hand comes out fully functional. Despite traveling in harsh and humid summers, TUF laptops can withstand the elements.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T no humidity egypt laptop

Expand your sights:

With a fast IPS-level panel up to 144Hz, the TUF Gaming F15 is ideal for fast games. The versatile USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ™ port supports DisplayPort ™ 1.4 technology, which means you can connect an optional G-SYNC game display and get up to 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. G-SYNC technology reduces stuttering and eliminates tears, giving a smoother image to the entire address family. The HDMI 2.0b port supports 4K resolution up to 60Hz for play or movies on the big screen.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T visuals egypt laptop

Optimized for gaming:

Equip yourself with a customizable desktop-type keyboard. Integrated RGB backlight lets you define your unique style, clear WASD accents give you a shortcut to control key movement. on the
For quick response and easy control, travel technology excels at every key load. In a true TUF form, each key is capable of withstanding over 20 million key loads, providing superior long-term reliability and accuracy.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T keyboard egypt laptop

Immersive surround sound:

The two redesigned four-wheelers are 1.8 times louder than the previous generations for a richer bus. DTS: X ™ Ultra delivers 7.1 high-definition virtual surround sound for stereo headphones. Catch enemies with enhanced space perception or enjoy a concert. Up to 8 preset modes for music, movies, and game genres enhance your experience, but the built-in balance allows you to adjust the settings as you wish.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T audio egypt laptop

Lasting cool:

Universal cooling ensures that every TUF Gaming laptop can maintain high performance and efficiency for long-term use. Multiple heating lines and 3 heating lines dissipate heat from the main components and distribute it evenly during intense game sessions. Self-cleaning refrigeration design ensures that the cooling system of each room remains safe for a long time and that the operating modes align performance and volume levels for a specific application.


Upgrading made easy:

RAM and SSD Upgrades You can easily access memory and storage space by simply setting it up for upgrade. With a standard windshield wiper, you can easily remove the wires below the case to make any necessary adjustments. A special open wheel lifts one corner of the bottom plate, making it easier to remove. Quickly upgrade or replace your RAM, or expand your SSD capacity by adding a second PCIe® drive.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T upgradeable egypt laptop

Next gen speed with Wi-Fi 6:

The super-fast Intel® Wi-Fi 6 lets you play games safely on LAN speed with Gig + (802.11ax) compatible connections. Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +) improves network speed and efficiency compared to previous Wi-Fi 5 standards, enabling better connectivity in crowded environments. It also reduces latency, which means less latency for emotional activities such as online games.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T connectivity egypt laptop

Comprehensive connectivity:

Multiple I / O ports allow you to plug in your favorite devices and get started anywhere. While two USB 3.2 ports provide fast data transfer, an additional USB 2.0 port provides a total of three inputs to selected components. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect mice, headphones, and other compatible devices to a clean workplace. Use USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ጋር with DisplayPort ™ 1.4 to easily connect your super-fast G-SYNC ™ game controller.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T ports egypt laptop

Unified system tuning and personalization:

Armory Crate combines system and lighting controls to keep important settings in your hand. Extensive customization options allow you to customize beauty effects, customize game profiles, and adjust audio settings with your preferences. In case profiles, you can specify custom settings that automatically adjust performance and other settings when you launch your favorite apps and games. Take full control of your experience and make it your own.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T personalizatoin egypt laptop

Gear up and go:

TUF Gaming F15 comes with solidly designed matching accessories. The TUF Gaming Backpack has a large internal partition so you can safely store and transport your laptop and all accessories to LAN parties and contests. The TUF Gaming M5 mouse is the best chip for an F17 laptop. It is durable and comfortable, has six programmable buttons, low collision legs and customizable light effects.

asus tuf gaming f15 FX516PC HN558T bundle egypt laptop

Additional information

Product name



Intel® Core™ i5-11300H Processor 3.1 GHz (8M Cache, up to 4.4 GHz, 4 cores)

Processor Generation

11th Generation


8GB DDR4 3200

Hard Drive

512GB M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 3.0 SSD

Video Graphics

NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 3050 4GB GDDR6

Operating System

Windows 10


15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080)

Refresh Rate

144 HZ


1 Year

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